Combustion Emissions

Combustion Emissions

Combustion emissions comprise emissions from stationary combustion, and emissions from mobile combustion.

Stationary Combustion

This category includes emissions from boilers, furnaces, ovens, kilns, company-controlled steam and heating plants, and any other equipment that is stationary and burns fuel as part of its operation.

In order to measure your emissions due to stationary combustion, we'll need to know how much fuel was consumed at each of your facilities. We multiply your usage by the corresponding emissions factor for the relevant fuel to calculate the emitted CO2e.

Mobile Combustion

This category includes emissions from cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers, tractors, boats, aircraft, and other mobile equipment that burns fuel as part of its operation.


One of our facilities does use heat, but we lease the facility. Our rent includes heat, so we don't know how much fuel (or what type of fuel) is used to heat the space.

If you don't have access to the heating bill or usage information for a given facility, you should not include that facility on this page. When you reach the "Utilities" section, we'll help you estimate this information based on your facility's square footage and zip code.