Category: Purchased Goods and Services

How to input your company's purchased goods and services and capital goods (Scope 3, Category

Purchased Goods and Services (Scope 3, Category 1) and Capital Goods (Scope 3, Category 2) include upstream emissions from the production of products purchased or acquired by your company during the reporting year.

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Prepare your data: We recommend preparing your company's expenditure data by categorizing your expenditures into a logical taxonomy for your company. Green Project has prepared several commonly-used taxonomies which can be downloaded below.

Map each category to a relevant emissions factor: Your Green Project sustainability manager can assist with determining the most appropriate emissions factors for your categorization.

Uploading data using bulk functionality: Use the "Bulk add" functionality to easily add data to your survey.

Need help determining the best categorization scheme for your company?

This example template contains 3 popular categorization schemes at varying levels of granularity.