Bulk CSV: Combustion (Download and Fill)

This article explains how to use the Combustion category's "Bulk Add" functionality.

  1. Navigate to the Stationary Combustion section of one of your surveys.
  2. Choose "Bulk Actions -> Download and Fill".
  3. Download the data entry template.
  4. The following rows are pre-populated in the template. Do not change the data in these rows:
    1. Facility
    2. Facility Slug
    3. Zip
    4. ResourceID
    5. ResourceType
    6. ResourceDetail
    7. DataSource
    8. Subcategory
      Note: to edit these values, navigate to Environmental -> Manage Facilities.
  5. The following columns are empty in the downloadable template; you must enter your values in these rows:
    1. Usage
    2. Units (See accepted unit types)